Google Drive and GDPR
One click to find sensitive data in your Google Drive.
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Do you know where sensitive data is stored in your organization's Google Drive?

Articles 9 and 30 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires that you identify special categories of data that you hold and note how it is processed. Once you know where your data is, you can take action to manage that data appropriately.

In today's cloud computing environment, it is difficult to know where your employees are saving data. It doesn't have to be. Ohalo's Data X-Ray makes sure that you know exactly where sensitive data is across all of your systems. Regulators happy. Clients happy.

Discover all of the sensitive data in your Google Drive

Scan personal and team drives for sensitive data

Identify sensitive data with Ohalo's built in data classes. If you have particular classes or languages that you need to support, no problem. Simply click to retrain the Data X-Ray machine learning algorithm to discover your own classes of data across your Google Drive.

  • Scan across all of your team's drives
  • Show reports on where your data is to auditors, clients, and regulators
  • Identify your own classes of data or data that is in multiple languages
  • One click to know where your sensitive data is

    No integration so that you can know immediately

    The Ohalo-Google Drive integration works seamlessly. Simply click here to sign up and authenticate through your organization's Google Drive account and the Data X-Ray starts its scan. That scan is kept up to date every week or you can set it to scan more or less frequently.

  • No integration required
  • Your data is safe and is only used for your data scan
  • Invite team members to join