Data X-Ray delivers unstructured data insights in minutes.

Execute Unstructured Records and Retention

Organize and dispose of unstructured data files past retention periods.

Metadata-Enriched Classification via Data X-Ray

Automate Unstructured Data Records and Retention Management

Managing unstructured data retention is complicated, given the growing volumes of enterprise data. Automating unstructured data management throughout its entire lifecycle can help you implement a records management process that regulates data retention and expiration.

  • Scan and standardize retention policies for unstructured data files
  • Reduce risks associated with redundant, obsolete, and trivial data
  • Comply with data retention regulations and standards

Reduce Clutter, Cut Costs.

Data Discovery via Data X-Ray


Deploy Data X-Ray on-premise or on cloud to start scanning data at petabyte scale and gain insights in minutes.

Records and Retention Management - Classify


Automatically label and classify regulated data like PCI and HIPAA and delegate data retention measures.

Records and Retention Management - Adhere


Automate unstructured data retention policies to reduce security risks and ensure your compliance.

Companies spend $20 on filing, $120 on finding misfiles, and $220 on reproducing lost documents.

Optimize your document management.


Advantages of Data X-Ray

Automate Records Retention

Use Data X-Ray to discover old, forgotten, or hidden data, improving unstructured records classification, retention scheduling, secure storage, access control, and disposal.

Understand Data

Scan 100s of data formats in minutes, examine the metadata related to your data and know the exact location, volume, and context of data stored in a file.

Document Management

Take proactive measures to secure critical files and delete unnecessary data, reducing the risks and costs associated with storing large amounts of data.

Maintain Audit Trail

Monitor enterprise-wide data, track the use of sensitive data, identify and investigate suspicious activity, to detect and respond to potential security breaches.

Set Retention Schedule

Manage unstructured data throughout its lifecycle, from creation to disposal. Set retention schedules for all relevant stakeholders.

Uphold Data Privacy

Redact sensitive data from files, retain only necessary files, and implement measures to prevent unnecessary storage expenses and potential legal sanctions.

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