Data X-Ray delivers unstructured data insights in minutes.

Unstructured Data Governance

Leverage ML and NLP. Structure your unstructured data to make it accessible, usable and compliant.

Establish unstructured data governance

Strengthen your unstructured data infrastructure

Curating unstructured data across environments is challenging. Automating data discovery and using natural language processing (NLP) to interpret and classify data can ease compliance efforts and free up valuable time and resources. Where do you start? Put our unstructured data governance tool, Data X-Ray to work for you:

  • Discover and analyze all unstructured data
  • Classify data assets at a granular level
  • Empower data stewards to identify and curate data

Lead with exceptional data stewardship

Data Governance - Identify


Locate unknown data repositories and data sets and meaningfully render the information they contain.

Data Governance - Assess


Apply smart labels with 99% accuracy and protect your business critical data.

Data Governance - Control


Orchestrate a comprehensive governance framework and set rules for data collection, storage and use.

Poor data quality costs almost $13 million yearly for companies.

Address this issue.


Advantages of Data X-Ray

Discover and classification

Automate discovery and labeling. Create and ingest metadata into data catalogs and build a robust unstructured data foundation.

Privacy management

Leverage machine learning and NLP to label and map sensitive personal data, and automate data privacy compliance.

Data remediation

Segregate data into actionable work areas for redaction, export, or remediation according to your governance policies.

Data lifecycle management

Create an extensive record of data resources with relevant metadata and develop a comprehensive data map to track information.

Data risk mitigation

Centralize all unstructured data assets and implement ways to mitigate data risks through tighter data governance.

Automate data stewardship

Gain insights in an actionable format and enable data stewards to validate and curate all unstructured data.

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