Learn more about Data X-Ray pricing

Data X-Ray pricing is based on the number of people you have in your organization and modules that you purchase.

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From automating file discovery and classification to monitoring file activity and remediating sensitive data, Data X-Ray enables you protect files across your enterprise data estate.


Each module priced based on number of people you have in your organization

Whether you are an organization with 100 employees or 100,000 employees, 1 on premise Windows Server or 5,000 S3 buckets, we have a plan that works for your data environment.

For businesses under 1,000 employees

Special rates are available for smaller organizations to equip them with the tools to swiftly pinpoint and address data governance issues, reinforce file remediation, and streamline data analysis through automation.

Modules to scale across your use cases


Understand your metadata at scale


Word-by-word content analysis to identify sensitive data


Bring observability and monitoring to your data estate and report on file events


Redact, archive, and remediate files at scale.

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