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Dark Data Discovery

Identify unknown data to reduce risk and unlock actionable business insights.

Leverage machine-learning for dark data discovery

Dark data holds both risks and opportunities. Manually analyzing data stored in shared drives, images, PDFs and other unknown data sources is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing can transform unknown data into useful insights. Where do you start? Answering these questions:

  • How to automatically discover and classify all dark data?
  • Can the data be integrated into a single inventory?
  • How to control the risks and make use of the dark data?

By 2025, the global datasphere will grow to 175 zettabytes, with 80% of that data being unstructured, out of which 90% of unstructured data will go unanalyzed.


Discover and control dark data


Find and classify all unused and unknown data across your enterprise data landscape.

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Examine dark data and harness its value to inform business decisions and refine operations.

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Cleanse the data and enforce data protection and retention policies to suit your business and IT needs.

One Platform

Uncover, classify and redact sensitive information from dark data, all on one platform.


The key benefits

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Data visualization

Easily view and analyze data that do not have predefined formats.

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Data accessibility

Make dark data accessible for immediate action.

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Data classification

Label and organize only data that proves useful and relevant.

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Reduce costs

Take control to minimize data footprint and administrative overhead.

– 05

Lower data risk

Monitor and manage dark data to prevent legal, security and compliance risks.

– 06

Automate governance

Continuously scan and create a traceable audit trail for all dark data throughout its lifecycle.


Data X-Ray makes unstructured data processing as effective as possible. We had a lot of overlooked data which we have now scanned, sorted and secured at every level.

Janet Long


Data X- Ray successfully redacts personal and sensitive health and safety data from unstructured data sets to a very high degree of accuracy. Using the anonymised version of the data, we are able to share data with third party researchers for the furthering of HSE's mission to prevent death, injury and ill health to those at work and those affected by work activities

The Health and Safety Executive


Data X-Ray has empowered us to create a classification scheme that accounts for all enterprise data including unsecured emails and shared drives. It has reconstituted the relevance and context of our unstructured data.

Dorothy G. Glenn


“We've gained unprecedented visibility into our unstructured data stores and have created custom classifiers that help us with processing and labeling files based on our needs - which at the end of the day is what's most important to us”

Colin Walker


Using Data X-Ray we’ve discovered critical Financial Crime data across the business and have created an automated process to alert and remediate and ensure compliance. Now we have a solid foundation for handling privacy issues and dealing with compliance

Tonie L. Staton, Large International Bank


Data X-Ray, making a difference

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