Data X-Ray delivers unstructured data insights in minutes.

Enterprise-Wide Dark Data Discovery

Find and classify unstructured data buried in the darkest nooks of your data estate.

Leverage machine-learning for dark data governance

Dark data presents many risks and occasional opportunities. Manually analyzing all the data stored in shared drives, images, PDFs and other unstructured data sources is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Let machine learning and natural language processing scale your governance processes:

  • Find data risks and eliminate blindspots
  • Discover sensitive files to be moved and secured
  • Rediscover and exploit forgotten information assets

Discover and control dark data


Find forgotten and neglected data sources. Analyze documents at 100,000s words per second.


Use machine learning and natural language processing to examine, classify and organize all dark data.


Cleanse the data and enforce data protection and retention policies to suit business and IT needs.

By 2025, 80% of the global datasphere will be unstructured, with 90% remaining unanalyzed.

Tap into the potential.


Advantages of Data X-Ray

Data visualization

Easily view and analyze data that do not have predefined formats.

Data accessibility

Make dark data accessible for immediate action.

Data classification

Label and organize only data that proves useful and relevant.

Reduce costs

Take control to minimize data footprint and administrative overhead.

Lower data risk

Monitor and manage dark data to prevent legal, security and compliance risks.

Automate governance

Continuously scan and create a traceable audit trail for all dark data throughout its lifecycle.

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