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Ensuring HIPAA Compliance

Discover Protected Health Information (PHI)

Build a secure, searchable and auditable system for uncovering PHI in unstructured data sources.

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HIPAA Compliance

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

HIPAA is a federal law that requires business and its partners to maintain and protect patient data. Companies have to identify potential risks and their potential impact, as well as develop strategies to reduce any threats.

To get a complete picture of your data landscape, Data X-Ray can help. It scans on-premise and cloud stores, email archives, and text documents like prescriptions and MRI scans, allowing you to make informed decisions about how to protect PHI or PII.

Healthcare was the third most targeted sector with an average of 1,426 attacks per month, but saw the second highest percentage increase in attacks, increasing by 60% from 2021.

HIPAA Journal

Data X-Ray: Secure Unstructured Data in Healthcare

Enterprise-Wide Visibility

Locate protected health information, medical and healthcare data across 1,000s of unstructured data formats.

Sensitive Data Classification

Apply out-of-the-box or customized smart labels to categorize and understand data and its context.

Enable Continuous Checks

Deploy Data X-Ray in hours. Monitor unstructured data regularly and ensure patient privacy and data confidentiality.

Map Data Risks

Quickly find unstructured data files with PHI, quarantine those files and prevent data exposure and loss.

Improve Data Governance

Find and protect PHI. Reduce the risk of fines and ensure compliance within industry and regulatory policy.

Secure Data Sharing

Apply access controls to restrict usage or redact sensitive data in files and confidently share them with others.

Strengthen security posture

Use Data X-Ray to analyze unstructured data and achieve HIPAA compliance.


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