Data X-Ray delivers unstructured data insights in minutes.


Reduce the risk of unknown, unstructured data in your organization.

Data Discovery via Data X-Ray

Data Discovery

Explore the most accurate unstructured data discovery software on the market.

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Records and Retention Management - Classify

Data Classification

Organize and protect your organization’s unstructured data to avoid data breach or loss.

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Data Redaction with Data X-Ray

Data Redaction

Utilize ML and NLP to search and remove sensitive information like PII and PHI in seconds.

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Dark data discovery

Dark Data

Deploy Data X-Ray to perform deep scans of your unstructured data estate.

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Records and Retention Management - Adhere

Data Governance

ML and NLP structure your unstructured data to make it accessible, usable and compliant.

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Protect Unstructured Data

Data Security

Inventory and map unknown data to monitor breach risk and compliance.

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Govern unstructured data

Data privacy

ML and NLP built to prevent, detect and remediate unstructured data breaches.

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Map unstructured data

Data Mapping

Map data at 100,000s words per second and govern all your personal, private and sensitive data.

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Migrate unstructured data

Data Migration

Streamline unstructured data migration. Remove redundant or obsolete data, and govern your data migration process.

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minimize unstructured data

Data Minimisation

Identify and eliminate needless files from any data estate to reduce privacy risks.

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Retain unstructured data

Records and Retention

Organize and dispose of unstructured data files past retention periods.

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Gen AI Governance for unstructured data

Generative AI Governance

Govern your AI training pipelines with Data X-Ray.

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Data Privacy Regulations for unstructured data


Locate, filter and inventory unstructured data to meet CPRA obligations.

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Monitor files with Data X-Ray


Automate Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) identification and classification and prepare to achieve the CMMC Level 3 Certification.

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uphold privacy for unstructured data


Identify, classify and protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to meet the GDPR compliance.

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safeguard unstructured data


Locate protected health information, medical and healthcare data across 1,000s of unstructured data formats.

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Locate sensitive details in unstructured data


Discover sensitive card data across networks and distributed systems.

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unstructured data inventory

CPA (Colarado)

Meet your Colorado Privacy Act (CPA) obligations with a solution that identifies, classifies, and redacts PII

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Scan - Unstructured Data Classification

PDPA Singapore

Turn unstructured data accessibility and analysis into a manageable, risk-fighting process

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Ensure data privacy

Privacy Act 1988

Discover, classify and categorize data to ensure compliance.

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unstructured data compliance


Implement an unstructured data management system for C-27 compliance readiness.

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Monitor files with Data X-Ray


Regulate the storage, processing, and sharing of unstructured data.

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