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Surface risk in unstructured data

Transform unstructured data into fully understood and searchable indexes. Harness the power of Data X-Ray to find unknown or forgotten unstructured data files, classify them and analyze metadata to support security use cases and apply corrective measures to mitigate risk, achieve compliance, and protect data. Reduce your attack surface, ensure that you are only holding what is needed and make sure it’s in the places where it’s protected.

Privacy officers use Data X-Ray to meet unstructured data compliance obligations
Why Data X-Ray?

Establish sound unstructured data management

In-depth visibility

Data X-Ray is designed to scan the volume and nature of today's and tomorrow's data challenges.

Smart classification

Easily categorize PDFs, image files, and Word documents and develop a structure for such data.

Assess data privacy risks

Understand the kind of sensitive information that exists in data and quantify their cyber security risks.


Put Data X-Ray to work for you. Keep data accurate and secure throughout its lifecycle. 

Most Information Security Officers are grappling with the 'how' of understanding the types of information they are collecting, storing and sharing. Leveraging a data discovery and classification platform will bridge this gap, giving a centralized view of at-risk, sensitive data.

Kyle DuPont, CEO and CO-Founder Ohalo.

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