Apply LGPD compliance measures

Leverage advanced unstructured data discovery to manage privacy data risks, fulfill data requests, and streamline data retention workflows.

LGPD (Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados)

Regulate the storage, processing, and sharing of unstructured data

The LGPD in Brazil aims to safeguard people's privacy and rights. However, ensuring compliance can be complicated.

Balancing legal and technical requirements can pose a challenge for businesses. With Data X-Ray, you can easily identify sensitive information across all unstructured data sources, including cloud storage platforms and file servers. Our automated redaction process enables you to ensure that your organization's information is safe from accidental disclosure or misuse in transit.

A Toolset for LGPD (Brazil) Governance

unstructured data analysis

Uncover Data

Discover forgotten unstructured data files, like PDFs and images, across cloud and on-premise repositories with high precision.

Business Records Retention

Data in Context

Gain a comprehensive understanding of files across the enterprise, and then strategize how to manage it.

Data Governance - Identify

Smart Labeling

Classify data by customizing our base ML algorithms to align with your organization's unique data governance taxonomies.

minimize unstructured data

Minimize Data

Improve visibility of Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Find and remove unnecessary files from your data repositories.

DSR Fulfillment

Organize data in a way that enables prompt, effective fulfillment of all Data Subject Requests (DSR), including complaints.

Maintain Data Quality

Data Protection

Opt for automated redaction of sensitive information in files to mitigate risks during storage and sharing.

Non-compliance may lead to fines up to 2% of annual turnover (up to BRL 50 million or €8M).

Let's ensure compliance.


Utilise our modules to scale across your use cases

Scan with Data X-Ray


Understand your metadata at scale

Classify with Data X-Ray


Word-by-word content analysis to identify sensitive data

Monitor files with Data X-Ray


Bring observability and monitoring to your data estate and report on file events

Data Redaction with Data X-Ray


Redact, archive, and remediate files at scale.

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