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An Unstructured Data Intelligence Company

Empowering data discovery, classification, and sensitive data redaction in one platform.

Govern unstructured data scattered anywhere in your data estate.
Data X-Ray the quickest and most accurate unstructured data discovery platform
Our Mission

Create order out of your data chaos

We're on a mission to create order out of unstructured data chaos.

We help organizations standardize how they store, analyze and share unstructured data, ultimately mitigating the likelihood of data theft, leakage, and non-compliance, which can result in significant fines and negative impacts on individuals' lives.

Enter Data X-Ray

Ohalo’s journey

In 2017, a convergence of four different factors led to the creation of Ohalo. Firstly, there was an increasing dependence on personal data in various forms, such as KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering), which required proper handling and management. This was highlighted bay the introduction of the GDPR regulations that emphasized the importance of proper data handling. Additionally, there was a growing concern about cyber-security risks, which only added to the urgency for a solution. Finally, advances in AI and machine learning provided new possibilities for automating the discovery and categorization of unstructured data. 

A perfect storm became our perfect opportunity.

Leading the way

Our Leadership

Our leaders share a passion for helping organizations become aware of the unstructured data they possess and overcome all kinds of data governance, privacy, and security challenges through intelligent automation.

We lead unstructured data management for some of the largest and most secure companies in the world.


Partner with Ohalo

The Ohalo Partner ecosystem brings together specialist providers of data governance, data privacy, and information security who leverage or extend Data X-Ray to deliver customer solutions.

Health and Safety Executive trusts Ohalo's Data X-Ray platform.

Data X- Ray successfully redacts personal and sensitive health and safety data from unstructured data sets to a very high degree of accuracy. Using the anonymised version of the data, we are able to share data with third party researchers for the furthering of HSE's mission to prevent death, injury and ill health to those at work and those affected by work activities

The Health and Safety Executive

Suncor deploys Ohalo's Data X-Ray platform.

We had a long list of requirements from multiple stakeholders, data owners, and business functions. Having a partner that could deliver across multiple use cases was paramount. Ohalo Data X-Ray ticked all the boxes.

Terry Lays, Product Owner Data Analytics Platform, Suncor Energy

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