Data Scientists

Uncover unstructured data insights

Become aware of how your organization houses and uses unstructured data. Scan any data source, whether it is Office 365, Google G Suite, or shared network drives with Data X-Ray. Actively discover, classify and understand the content of all the data stored in your enterprise hybrid environments to find where data-based decisions are occurring, where pools of vital information are unused and make sure your analytics are based on the latest information you hold.

Data science professionals use Data X-Ray to establish sound unstructured data management

Utilize DATA X-RAY

Improve data quality, usability and transparency

Examine any data source

Convert a mass of unstructured data into a form in which it can be analyzed.

Cutting-edge ML and NLP

Scan and categorize unknown data to identify risks, error patterns and data gaps.

Future-proof data

Analyze data, build predictive models and glean insights to make business decisions.

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Utilise our modules to scale across your use cases


Understand your metadata at scale


Word-by-word content analysis to identify sensitive data


Bring observability and monitoring to your data estate and report on file events


Redact, archive, and remediate files at scale.

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