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Uncover unstructured data insights

Become aware of how your organization houses and uses unstructured data. Scan any data source, whether it is Office 365, Google G Suite, or shared network drives with Data X-Ray. Actively discover, classify and understand the content of all the data stored in your enterprise hybrid environments to find where data-based decisions are occurring, where pools of vital information are unused and make sure your analytics are based on the latest information you hold.

Data science professionals use Data X-Ray to establish sound unstructured data management

Improve data quality, usability and transparency

Examine any data source

Convert a mass of unstructured data into a form in which it can be analyzed.

Cutting-edge ML and NLP

Scan and categorize unknown data to identify risks, error patterns and data gaps.

Future-proof data

Analyze data, build predictive models and glean insights to make business decisions.


Equip yourself with the most reliable unstructured data discovery solution.

According to Gartner, by 2024, enterprises will triple their unstructured data stored on-premises or in the cloud, driven by digital transformation. Data scientists will need tools built for enterprise-scale unstructured data, offering super-fast data inspection to discover and fix errors.

Kyle DuPont, CEO and CO-Founder Ohalo.

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