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Chief Data Officers

Spearhead your data governance strategy

Begin to mine unknown, unstructured data and incorporate it into your enterprise-wide data strategy. Capture and manage the usability, quality and security of unstructured data - key to reducing risk and complying with various data protection and privacy regulations.

IT specialists use Data X-Ray for enterprise-wide data discovery and accurate data classification

Reimagine unstructured data storage and use

Unlock value of data

Delve into disorganized data sets and understand its contents. Manage the use, storage, and retention of files.

Promote data literacy

Uncover information hidden in unstructured data assets, derive practical insights and make data-driven decisions.

Monetize enterprise data

Improve data availability, quality, and compliance. Lead new data science projects, furthering innovation and competitiveness.

Transform Unstructured Data

Choose a credible, ISO certified tool to deliver accurate, useful insights.

Data holds incredible value. By 2020, 37% of unstructured data will be useful if properly analyzed, resulting in $430 billion in productivity gains for organizations that can properly utilize it.


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Data Discovery

Explore the most accurate unstructured data discovery software on the market.

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Data Classification

Organize and protect your organization’s unstructured data to avoid data breaches or loss.

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Data Redaction

Utilize ML and NLP to search and remove sensitive information like PII and PHI in seconds.

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