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Manage unstructured data regulatory risk

One of the greatest challenges facing chief privacy officers is keeping up with the rapidly growing number of privacy laws and regulations. A solution like Data X-Ray can help you keep track of and secure your unstructured data. From email archives to shared drives, Data X-Ray can scan, identify and classify files containing sensitive personal information like PII, PCI and PHI. Implement a robust data protection strategy across several data types and data sources both on-prem and on cloud.


Get full visibility, access, and control over unstructured data

Make unstructured data accessible

Scan a variety of data formats across data repositories, file shares, legacy platforms and and other information assets.

Automate sensitive data discovery

Find data sources having personal information and apply processes to manage and protect them effectively.

Improve unstructured data compliance

Classify, redact or delete files with sensitive personal information for compliance and regulatory reasons.


Identify and secure files containing sensitive data in your unstructured data store.

Non compliance fines, penalties, and settlements so far are nearly $1.3 billion and counting. Many of these breaches involve the release of unstructured data containing personal information. Let’s help you tackle your unstructured data, discover, classify and secure sensitive information at scale.

Ed Goold, General Counsel and Chief Risk Officer.

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