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Make PCI-DSS data discovery simple

Identify sensitive PAN data in unstructured data sources and take action to meet the Payment Card Industry's compliance requirements.

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Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard

PCI DSS is a set of requirements that organizations must follow to ensure the safety of sensitive payment-related data. This includes unstructured data security, access control and compliance.

Data X-Ray's PCI identification algorithms are designed to scan unstructured data sources and then offer a centralized view. Powered by machine learning, our platform can label and categorize files containing sensitive card information for further action and also perform sensitive data redaction at scale.

Data X-Ray accelerates time-to-insights by quickly and accurately identifying sensitive card data across networks and distributed systems.

Ed Goold, General Counsel and Chief Risk Officer

Data X-Ray: A Tool to Protect Sensitive Card Information

360° Discovery of PAN Data

Schedule audits across your data environments, uncover unknown, misplaced or forgotten data.

Contextual Information

Classify sensitive data with smart labeling and get insights to improve data protection practices.

Data Remediation

Quickly discover, report and remove duplicate data or redact sensitive information in bulk.

Meet Compliance Standards

Discover and classify sensitive card data continuously to manage noncompliance risks.

Lower data protection risks

Control how unstructured data containing sensitive information is collected, used and stored.

Protect sensitive data

Scan PAN data and carry out regular security posture assessment.


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