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Fix Data Protection Risk

New regulations like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compounded with increasing organizational complexity makes it hard to understand and control your data protection risk across your business.

Ohalo identifies sensitive data and helps control access to that data both inside and outside of your organization.

Data X-Ray

Automated PII Discovery

Ohalo's Data X-ray scans databases and cloud file servers for sensitive data to help business understand their data protection risk exposure from regulations like GDPR.

  • Scan databases (Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server) and managed storage (e.g., Google Drive, Box, Hadoop, etc.) for regulated data
  • Get flagged when data regulations put your data at risk
  • Reporting through beautiful UI or our API into your native solutions
  • Data X-Ray
    Data X-Ray

    Data Protection Router

    Secure Data Lineage

    Ohalo's Data Protection Router manages data controls both inside and outside your organization to solve problems with access, erasure, and rectification wherever data flows.

  • Discover relevant data across the enterprise to quickly obtain data records you need
  • Show internal and external auditors your activity at one glance
  • Track and update data across divisions and between companies
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