Data X-Ray

Unstructured data intelligence

Real-time data search, discovery, classification, and auto-redaction
  • Classify and redact at 100,000s of words/second
  • Across cloud and on premise, supports any datasource types
  • More accurate than humans and 50X more cost efficient

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Data X-Ray

The Data X-Ray powers your data intelligence

The Data X-Ray addresses critical gaps in data intelligence throughout the corporate unstructured and structured data environments. The Data X-Ray opens up new possibilities for strategic and transformational opportunities using your data and supports day-to-day operational priorities to drive immediate ROI in your business.

Designed for large enterprises, the Data X-Ray is provided as a self-managed or fully-managed service with fast deployment, bullet proof security, and fast response for end users to support enterprise-wide deployment and self-contained projects like one-off subject rights requests and contract review.


Find data relevant to you in seconds with the Data X-Ray's AI powered intelligently indexed engine.

  • Data classification for privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA
  • Data migration
  • Subject rights requests discovery


Easily export files and records from across multiple file repositories and databases.

  • Data retention and deletion workstreams
  • Data minimization
  • Subject rights request fulfillment


Remove personal data and commercially sensitive data at scale from unstructured files.

  • Privacy-secure data science pipelines
  • Redaction of data for data science
  • Partner data sharing

Classify and redact your data at scale

Get started in seconds. Classify data across any file type and redact your data at scale.

Drag and drop your data or connect your native sources

The Data X-Ray supports native connections to your datasources so that you can search at source. All major file types and datasources are supported--from databases to network file stores to cloud sources like Google Drive.

Scan Data Sources
Scan Data Sources

Automatic classification of your data

The Data X-Ray automatically classifies and discovers your data so you know where information that is sensitive to you is stored and can find it easily. Our machine learning algorithms save our clients thousands of person-hours that would otherwise be spent on draining manual processes.

Super fast redaction

Searching for people, legal entities or other data elements in massive and complex file sets can take weeks or months. The Data X-Ray does this in seconds. Easy to define search parameters vastly reduce false positives to remove sensitive data at scale and provide you with the data you need to precisely and efficiently discharge your redaction tasks.


Intuitive and easy to use

The Data X-ray is designed to get you up and running right away. Whether you are a compliance officer, legal adviser, contract manager or head of information security, the Data X-Ray has been built with your use cases in mind.

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Easily customize algorithms for your business

Easily add new classes of data to the machine learning algorithms without a team of data scientists. Non-technical end users can easily employ these algorithms to scan structured and unstructured data in any language to find data that may be sensitive to your organization, such as personal data, employee records, and commercially sensitive data.

Always crawling to identify and classify sensitive data

Employees can inadvertently copy data into insecure locations from databases to excel spreadsheets and forget about it. The Data X-Ray finds data that is sensitive to your enterprise and flags it for remediation.

Redact at scale

Being able to find sensitive data in a context that makes sense to you is key to achieving high quality work. The Data X-Ray allows you to do this at scale turning what used to be weeks-long activities into minutes and hours.