Data X-Ray trusted by leading organizations

Enterprise File Activity, Security, and Privacy Monitoring

Understand all your files across on-premise and multi-cloud environments. Make sense of enterprise-wide unstructured data.


Leverage AI to manage your files across your enterprise

Automate file discovery, classification, and activity monitoring at petabyte scale. Empower your data privacy, governance, and security teams to understand files wherever they are stored.


Automate governance and security workflows

Discover Data

Crawl metadata at massive speed

Scan legacy systems, hybrid and cloud repositories. Automatically find and map all unstructured data assets using Data X-Ray.

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Classify Files

Content analysis at 100,000s words/sec

Apply Data X-Ray's AI NLP algorithms to understand what your files mean to your organization.

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Monitor File Activity

Constantly look for file activity anomalies

Hook into file activity streams to understand who is changing files over time and whether it represents a risk to your organization.

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Trusted by Leading Organizations

Home Office is Ohalo's client.
HSE or Health and Safety Executive is Ohalo's client.
Wood is Ohalo's client.
HomeServe is Ohalo's client.
Veolia is Ohalo's client.
Costain chooses Data X-Ray.

Understanding Data X-Ray

Learn more about automating file security, privacy, and governance across cloud and on-premise environments.

  • Ensure compliance with applicable privacy and security regulations

  • Eliminate unnecessary records to reduce storage costs

  • Understand file security events

Why Data X-Ray?

Simplify file governance and privacy throughout the data lifecycle

Manage Data Retention

Automate the process of identifying, categorizing, and deleting or archiving data based on its relevance.

Reduce Data Storage Costs

Find forgotten data and determine whether it is still needed before deleting it to free up storage space.

Secure Vulnerable Data

Gain visibility into exposed data and take steps to protect it from unauthorized access or loss.

Auto-Classify Data

Map enterprise-wide data to understand your data landscape and detect gaps in data management.

Derive Context

Find neglected or unused files, analyze its metadata to uncover valuable insights and make informed decisions.

Maintain Audit Trail

Conduct routine checks, track all changes made and document them for future reference.

A Success Story

A mid-sized bank was able to discover, classify, and audit over 70 million files for their core use case. Since then, they have expanded the use of Data X-Ray to other teams for various purposes such as records and retention management, privacy, and legal holds. Our solution has proven to be invaluable and has helped them enhance their overall unstructured data management and security.

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