Data X-Ray
Find and control your data
Relax. GDPR and data leakage? We've got that.

Ohalo brings all of your data sources together in one place. It’s real-time data detection and management for your modern organization.

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Data X-Ray

How it works

Getting you started in seconds. Demonstrating your data compliance and governance performance over time.

Connect your datasource

To start using the Data X-Ray, you just need to connect a datasource that you want to scan and map.

Scan Data Sources
Scan Data Sources

Scan and map your datasource

The Data X-Ray will automatically scan your data and analyze it for categories of information that you define, such as personal information.

Show your performance over time

The Data X-Ray will generate a report of your data inventory so that you can manage your data over time.


We do the Work so you Don't have to

Combining machine learning and blockchain to inventory and control data across your organization in seconds.

DXR Screenshot

Updated data inventory

View all of your data sources at once and stay up to date with what you need to do.

Integrated in seconds

Integrates in seconds with cloud and native on premise storage or through our API.

Take action immediately

Beautiful UI to prioritize next steps and keep a record of your actions over time.