Data X-Ray delivers unstructured data insights in minutes.

Organize Enterprise Files with Metadata-Enriched Cataloging

Elevate your data discovery for enhanced compliance and operational efficiency.

Metadata-Enriched Classification via Data X-Ray

Supercharge Your Data Catalog with Data X-Ray

Unlock the full potential of your data catalogs, such as Collibra, with Data X-Ray. Our solution specializes in discovering and classifying unstructured data – your myriad files and folders – by thoroughly analyzing metadata and content. Data X-Ray meticulously labels this data, preparing it for seamless integration into your data catalog.

With Data X-Ray, you can:

  • Sift through extensive data collections to uncover all files and folders

  • Automatically categorize various types of data, including documents and emails, readying them for in-depth analysis

  • Capture metadata in a central repository, revealing the full context and relevance of your data

  • Integrate accurately labeled data into your data catalog, enhancing its functionality and user experience

Extract the most value from your data assets

unstructured data catalog

Automate Data Cataloging

Use a rich metadata layer that storage administrators, data stewards, and data scientists can use to manage, classify, and extract valuable insights from extensive datasets.

Gen AI Governance for unstructured data

Control Data Lifecycle

Empower data stewards to maintain data quality, enforce governance policies, and ensure quick access for data users, leading to improved storage economics, reduced risk, and accelerated analytics.

Build Governance Processes

Identify and classify data to set access controls, retention policies, and compliance standards, ensuring data security and enhanced governance.

The cost of storing unstructured data is expected to reach $2.8 trillion by 2025. This is up from $1.8 trillion in 2020.

Statista, 2023


Hand in Hand for Seamless Data Governance

Data X-Ray and Collibra

  • Scan all unstructured data sources 
  • Understand PII and data security risk exposure
  • Sync identified data from Data X-Ray to Collibra Data Catalog
  • Automate file and directory hierarchies
  • Automatically trigger workflows
  • Build AI Governance

Advantages of Data X-Ray

Seamless data source connectivity

Data X-Ray offers extensive integration capabilities, connecting effortlessly to over 300 popular data sources. This vast array of built-in integrations ensures easy and immediate connection to your chosen data repositories.

Map unstructured data

Comprehensive data aggregation

Embrace the power to aggregate data products from any source. Data X-Ray's open API architecture is designed for versatility, accommodating diverse data types from various origins.

Rapid large-scale data scanning

Scan and manage thousands of unstructured data formats with Data X-Ray. This capability allows for quick access to the information you need, irrespective of data size or complexity.

Reduce Storage Costs with Data X-Ray

Spend less, do more

Quickly ingest and set up a comprehensive data catalog with Data X-Ray. Its straightforward and efficient approach simplifies data organization, making the process both cost-effective and time-efficient.

Seamless integration with Collibra

Integrate discovered and classified data into Collibra Data Catalog, enabling key actions such as tracking file lineage, applying governance rules, synchronizing data assets with the Data Catalog and enhancing data accessibility.

Scalable optimization for growth

Continually optimize your infrastructure, eliminating manual processes and guesswork. As your organization grows, Data X-Ray scales with you, ensuring you're always focused on strategic goals.

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