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Bill C-27, Canada

Protect Sensitive Personal Information in Any Format

Implement an unstructured data management system for C-27 compliance readiness.

Digital Charter Implementation Act, 2022

An Act to enact the Consumer Privacy Protection Act

Bill C-27, also known as the Digital Charter Implementation Act, 2022, requires organizations responsible for AI systems to implement measures to manage anonymized data and record all compliance actions taken.

To comply with C-27, you will need a tool that can analyze data in various formats, from computer-generated graphics to speech recognition transcriptions. To locate and isolate files containing sensitive data while simultaneously deleting unnecessary files to reduce risk and free up storage space.

Bill C-27 sets forth violations and sanctions. An organization found guilty of an indictable offense under the AIDA may be liable for up to $25 million CAD or 5% of global revenue.


Data X-Ray: An unstructured data management system for C-27 compliance

Discovery SPI

Automate sensitive personal information (SPI) discovery to better understand your data privacy risks and compliance obligations under Bill C-27.

Organize Data

Identify and categorize files containing sensitive personal information, limit access, retain only necessary files, and prioritize data protection measures.

Redact Sensitive Data

Automate sensitive data redaction across files and secure your data, while also maintaining the confidentiality and trust of its stakeholders.

Minimize Data

Gain context of what your data lakes hold, enhance personal information (PI) visibility, limit user access, reduce data collection, and enforce retention policies.

Data Subject Rights

Know the precise location of sensitive data to enable swift retrieval of relevant information. Promptly fulfill DSARs and ensure compliance with data privacy regulations like Bill C-27.

Maintain Record

Monitor enterprise-wide unstructured data, track changes and keep an audit trail, adhering to compliance needs. Also, easily spot potential risk and take action.

ONE Platform

Control your unstructured data and prepare for C-27 compliance.


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