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Data X-Ray delivers unstructured data insights in minutes.

Unstructured Data Security

Inventory and map unknown data to monitor breach risk and compliance.

Apply Data X-Ray to map unstructured data to monitor data security risk.

Double down on your unstructured data security

It is common for employees to store business data in a range of formats, devices and locations; exposing it to cyber threats. To protect such uncontrolled spread of data from misuse, theft, and unauthorized disclosure, it is vital to:

  • Scan data sources like emails, PDFs, shared drives and others
  • Isolate and anonymise files containing sensitive information
  • Secure unstructured files across data environments

5.1 billion breached records in 2021. A 11% increase in incidents when compared to 2020.

IT Governance

Secure data wherever it dwells with Data X-Ray


Scan through thousands of text-heavy data files stored in multiple data repositories.


Identify and classify sensitive data by type and risk, and redefine your data protection measures.


Empower your IT security teams to govern data and quickly respond to information requests.

One Platform

Secure unstructured data files, wherever they reside.

Why Data X-Ray?

Key benefits

– 01

Easy user interface

Access a single interface to find and secure all unstructured data.

– 02

End-to-end visibility

Build accurate records of sensitive data across data sources.

– 03

ML-based classification

Identify and smart label data to surface patterns and changes.

– 04

Avoid data-quality issues

Easily desensitize, redact and orchestrate data at high-risk.

– 05

Prepare for compliance

Mitigate unauthorized data access and avert data privacy risks.

– 06

Data-centric security

Adopt a new approach to achieve comprehensive data protection.

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Data X-Ray, making a difference

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This is a fantastic project to work on that really will help keep construction workers safer. I am incredibly pleased that we can provide the expertise and technology to enable an outcome that would have taken months to manually redact into hours and days.

Billy Archbold, Wood Group


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