Data X-Ray to Streamline Schrems II Compliance Efforts

Simplify your path to meeting Schrems II. Cover all aspects of GDPR compliance for international transfer of personal information seamlessly and effectively.

Reshaping Data Transfer Protocols

Navigating the Schrems II Compliance

The Schrems II decision reshaped data transfer protocols by invalidating the EU-US Privacy Shield, posing challenges for GDPR compliance. Navigating this complex landscape can be daunting, given the uncertainty surrounding the necessary steps and additional safeguards required for seamless compliance.

Data X-Ray serves as your strategic guide, streamlining measures for lawful data transfers outside the EU. Leveraging machine learning, it enables efficient data discovery, classification, and safeguarding, ensuring adherence to Schrems II regulations and empowering seamless compliance adaptation.

Data X-Ray: A Toolset for Schrems II Compliance

Unified Data Management

Improve your compliance posture by gaining a unified view of your data across various types, locations, and business divisions, including tracking transatlantic data transfers to comply with Schrems II.

Efficient Data Minimization

Use automation to set up PI in a way that minimizes data collection, then enforce retention policies to ensure the right data, including its geographical location, is available when reported on.

Accurate Data Classification

Classify data instantly and accurately. Automate labeling, redaction and reporting on sensitive data to ensure compliance.

Timely DSR Fulfillment

Facilitate timely and efficient fulfillment of Data Subject Requests (DSRs) by finding and preparing the relevant information requested, especially data crossing US-EU borders.

Robust Data Remediation

Safeguard sensitive data forms, images, and other unstructured content by implementing automated redaction processes for critical data elements.

Effortless Data Identification

Identify personal data across both on-premises and cloud repositories efficiently, catering to the specific requirements of Schrems II compliance.

In 2021, €1.1 billion (approximately $1.25 billion) was levied in fines for GDPR non-compliance, up from €158.5 million (approximately $180 million) in 2020—an increase of nearly sevenfold.

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