Data X-Ray delivers unstructured data insights in minutes.

Data Privacy for Unstructured Data

ML and NLP built to prevent, detect and remediate unstructured data breaches.

Mitigate the risks of unstructured data

Regulations like GDPR and CPRA demand organizations to evolve in tandem with the constantly changing regulatory environment. For this, a unstructured data privacy tool that automates data discovery, classification and remediation of sensitive information at scale is a must-have, enabling your teams to:

  • Pinpoint unstructured files containing sensitive data
  • Gain context and leverage data for business value
  • Maintain files in accordance with privacy and compliance standards

Assess your unstructured data landscape


Scan 100,000s words per second and accurately find sensitive data hidden in data repositories.

Records and Retention Management - Classify


Automate labeling to gain deeper insights and real-time information about activity around sensitive data.

Data Redaction with Data X-Ray


Remove sensitive personal data like PII, PHI and PCI based on custom redaction policies, at scale.

By 2023, 65% of the world's population will be subject to regional or global privacy rules.

Protect your data now.


Advantages of Data X-Ray

Unstructured data repository

Accurately discover and access all sensitive data stored in emails, images, PDFs, messaging platforms, and network drives in minutes.

Data lifecycle management

Use a single interface to find files with sensitive data, automate labeling for data redaction, retention and deletion at scale.

Secure data sharing

Strengthen data privacy for unstructured data and secure data sharing across multiple teams and third parties.

Uncover potential risks

A unified approach to address all unstructured data files, gain context and minimize data to reduce privacy and security risks.

Prevent data breaches

Organize, secure and make unstructured data usable while being compliant with data privacy regulations.

Data Subject Access Request

Effectively find, retrieve, and redact files to meet data subject access requests on-time.

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