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Data X-Ray delivers unstructured data insights in minutes.

Unstructured Data Discovery at Scale

ML and NLP built for full visibility, speed and accuracy.

Unstructured data discovery is now made easy.

Accelerate accurate data discovery and gain in-depth visibility

Most organizations have substantial amounts of unstructured data which is unknown. Eliminate blind spots for security, privacy and governance teams by providing visibility to how sensitive data is stored, shared, and used - even in the cloud. Where do you start? Answering the most essential questions:

  • Where is my most critical, sensitive data?
  • What policies should be enforced on this data?
  • Who has access to the data and is it secure?

Unstructured data is a problem for 95% of businesses.


Resolve your unstructured data challenge


Deploy Data X-Ray in hours, connect to anything, including Amazon S3, Sharepoint, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and scan petabytes of data at scale.


Uncover the sensitive, personal and confidential information stored in emails, images, PDFs, messaging platforms, and network drives in minutes.


Set the foundations to gain actionable insights to enforce privacy, governance and security programs in an efficient, automated way.

One platform

Launch a purpose-built unstructured data discovery tool with precision search.

Why Data X-Ray?

Key benefits

– 01

Custom data connectors

Use a centralized unstructured data discovery that offers native and bespoke connectors to support modern and legacy data sources.

– 02

Uncover unknown data

Scan across multiple data repositories simultaneously in seconds with our unstructured data discovery solution and identify data assets at risk.

– 03

Improve data collection

Build an enterprise-wide metadata repository for faster data access and centrally collaborate on data for retention and deletion.

– 04

Lessen data storage costs

Optimize utilization across your data infrastructure and only retain vital resources that will be required in the future.

– 05

Populate data catalogs

Consistently integrate and auto-populate data catalogs to build an inventory of data and metadata for diverse teams to use.

– 06

Enterprise collaboration

Establish unstructured data storage and access policies, and ensure appropriate level of governance for each level of your data.

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Data X-Ray, making a difference

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Scattered unstructured data

Using Data X-Ray we’ve discovered critical Financial Crime data across the business and have created an automated process to alert and remediate and ensure compliance. Now we have a solid foundation for handling privacy issues and dealing with compliance

Tonie L. Staton, Large International Bank


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