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Data X-Ray delivers unstructured data insights in minutes.

Scan. Spot. Secure.

Unstructured data across hybrid and multi-cloud environments

Manage hard-to-govern unstructured data

Automate the discovery, classification, and redaction of documents at


Words per second


Files processed per minute


Files processed per hour

ML and NLP-powered

Control Petabyte scale unstructured data growth

80% of your hard-to-govern unstructured data exposes you to data privacy, security, and compliance risks. Use machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) to locate your data, know your data, and who has access to your data. Find and protect sensitive data at source and reduce risk.

Create order out of data chaos with Data X-Ray.
Data X-Ray simplifies the unstructured data problem.

Shine a light on dark data.

Data X-Ray is a purpose-driven solution built to help businesses locate and understand their unstructured data at scale, regardless of where it is stored.

Virtual Hands-on

Introduce a scalable, highly-available microservices cluster that can be combined with API architecture to integrate seamlessly with existing unstructured data landscape and workflows.

With deployments across a wide variety of industries, Ohalo can confidently say that Data X-Ray is easy to deploy, use, and trust. 


Empower Data Governance, Security and Privacy Teams

– 01

Breadth of integration

Connect to 1000s of unstructured data sources on-prem or in the cloud through Data X-Ray’s native connectors and use its Java SDK to connect to legacy systems.

– 02

Ease of installation

Data X-Ray’s modern tech stack is easy to install and ensures you can start scanning and gaining insights in hours.

– 03

Accurate data labeling

Automatic classification, labeling and attributes assignment to data based on ML classifiers. Save hours of data analysts’ time.

– 04

Predefined policy packs

Data X-Ray’s predefined packs operationalize compliance for regulations such as GDPR and CCPA regulations.

– 05

Quick reporting and insights

User-friendly UI enables easy visualization, accurate metadata and content analysis in seconds, delivering insightful analysis through Elasticsearch.

– 06

ISO 27001 Certified

The Data X-Ray platform is ISO certified and deployed in some of the most secure government and large enterprises in the world

Scattered unstructured data

“We've gained unprecedented visibility into our unstructured data stores and have created custom classifiers that help us with processing and labeling files based on our needs - which at the end of the day is what's most important to us”

Colin Walker


File Scanning Comparison

Please input the number of unstructured data files. See the amount of time it would take a person to scan those files manually as compared to Data X-Ray...

Enter the number of files you need to scan:

Data X-Ray

0 years


0 years


Find and protect sensitive data at its source


300+ built-in integrations out of the box available.


Minimal overhead. Quick Deployment in hours.


Redaction of confidential, business-critical information.


Scans 100,000s of words per second.


Supports 1000s of unstructured data formats.


Scale and optimize on-demand.

One platform

Lay the foundation for modern unstructured data discovery, classification and redaction.

Featured Case Study

Central Metadata Management

Suncor Energy chose Data X-Ray to create an enterprise-wide common metadata framework for better consistent, accurate data inventory to reduce risk, provide privacy insights and increase security across its vast data landscape.

Data X-Ray extended end-to-end metadata management, automatically capturing metadata in a central repository and enabling efficient data ingestion to enrich their data catalog, data accessibility and consumption.

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Take control of one of the biggest risks to GDPR compliance - unstructured data.

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Launch Data X-Ray across your hybrid environment and find, classify, and redact sensitive data everywhere.


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