Protect information subject to the Privacy Act 1988

Discover, classify and categorize all unstructured data to ensure compliance.

The Privacy Act 1988

The Privacy Act 1988

The Privacy Act was introduced to promote and protect the privacy of individuals and to regulate how Australian Government agencies and organizations handle personal information.

Whether it is electronic patient records or financial documents, Data X-Ray can quickly locate and classify files containing sensitive information so you can take steps to ensure compliance with the Privacy Act.

A Toolset for Privacy Act 1988 Compliance

Discover Data

Deploy Data X-Ray in hours and explore data lakes to find files that may have been forgotten or ignored.

Leverage Data Intelligence

Analyze all unstructured data assets and get deeper contextual insights to support a range of use cases.

Structure unstructured data

Map all your unstructured data by subject, type or purpose to track and protect it, regardless of where it lives.

Maintain Data Quality

Prevent Data Breaches

Gain visibility and control over all your exposed or vulnerable data assets on-premise or in the cloud.

minimize unstructured data

Reduced Data Footprint

Organize your data for better discoverability and set rules to periodically delete irrelevant files.

Compliance-based data sharing

Automate data discovery, classification, storage and access policies and meet compliance audits.

The Privacy Amendment Bill 2022 could raise maximum Privacy Act penalties to AU $50 million.

Let's ensure compliance


Utilise our modules to scale across your use cases

Scan with Data X-Ray


Understand your metadata at scale

Classify with Data X-Ray


Word-by-word content analysis to identify sensitive data

Data Redaction with Data X-Ray


Redact, archive, and remediate files at scale.

Monitor files with Data X-Ray


Bring observability and monitoring to your data estate and report on file events

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