Case Study

Bank Transforms Unstructured Data Governance with Data X-Ray

A global bank was grappling with the challenge of locating and overseeing unstructured data assets across the institution. Tracking data across shared drives and networks appeared to be an insurmountable task, leading to uncertainty regarding employee access and the storage of critical information.

To address this issue, the bank implemented Data X-Ray to automate the discovery, classification, and auditing of over 70 million files for their initial Merger & Acquisition data carve-out use case using Data X-Ray. Since then, they have extended the use of Data X-Ray to other teams for various purposes, including records and retention management, privacy, and legal holds. Data X-Ray has proven to be invaluable and has helped enhance their overall unstructured data management and security.

Benefits of using Data X-Ray

  • Enhanced Data Visibility: The bank achieved a centralized, comprehensive view of its unstructured data assets, spanning email archives, attachments, and shared drives.

  • Risk Mitigation: Data X-Ray promptly pinpointed sensitive files within the vast data ecosystem, aiding the bank in safeguarding critical information.

  • Streamlined Data Management: Data X-Ray became the bank's trusted ally, automating the discovery, classification, and auditing of unstructured data. This automation fosters agility in responding to data security demands, retention management, privacy considerations, and legal requirements.

Download the case study to discover how Data X-Ray can enhance your financial institution's unstructured data governance.


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