Identify and enforce CUI data governance

Automate Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) identification and classification and prepare to achieve the CMMC Level 3 Certification.

CMMC Compliance

Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification

The CMMC Level 3+ presents many challenges for those in the defense industrial base (DIB) but these challenges are surmountable.

Data X-Ray automated CUI identification algorithms deliver immediate proof points in preparation for your CMMC audit. The platform's smart labeling feature lets you classify data and integrates with data catalogs such as Collibra, giving you even more power over your data governance.

Navigate CUI Complexities

Assess security posture

Allow Data X-Ray to classify what data you have and how it conforms to your declared policies and taxonomies.

CUI-specific algorithms

Out of the box algorithms that automatically sort classify CUI data based on definitions set by data sharing agencies.

Classify with Data X-Ray

ML data classification

Data X-Ray's built-in machine learning (ML) functionalities locate sensitive data at scale with over 93% accuracy rate in weeks.

Data Remediation workflows

Data X-Ray provides case files to take action such as redaction of sensitive data or export data as per governance policies.

Unstructured data visibility

Connect to any data environment, scan petabytes of data and identify files that have sensitive data at scale.

Locate CUI, apply compliant security controls, enable secure DoD data sharing.

Deploy Data X-Ray


Utilise our modules to scale across your use cases

Scan with Data X-Ray


Understand your metadata at scale

Classify with Data X-Ray


Word-by-word content analysis to identify sensitive data

Data Redaction with Data X-Ray


Redact, archive, and remediate files at scale.

Monitor files with Data X-Ray


Bring observability and monitoring to your data estate and report on file events

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