Data X-Ray delivers unstructured data insights in minutes.

Sensitive Data Redaction On-Demand

Automate selective anonymisation of sensitive data on all unstructured data files.

Anonymise and desensitize unstructured data

Anonymising and desensitizing all sensitive information present in documents, PDFs, spreadsheets, images, emails, and chat messaging platforms can be challenging. So, how do you protect files and documents ​​meant to be private and not publicly shared? Put an unstructured data redaction tool to work for you:

  • Identify confidential information in large unstructured datasets
  • Automatically isolate files containing sensitive data
  • Redact sensitive data without impacting the original file

Protect sensitive information from data exposure


Identify sensitive information across servers, shared drives and cloud storage owned by different departments.


Discover potentially sensitive data and flag and secure personal information like PII, PHI, PCI, credentials and others.


Redact sensitive data based on access privileges and ensure that you are properly protected and decreasing risk.

40% worried about credentials, compliance, and transparency.

Address your worries.


Advantages of Data X-Ray

Adapt to regulatory change

Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to surface documents that are no longer consistent with regulation.

Auto-data labeling

Data X-Ray’s advanced labeling feature enables smart labeling and tagging for easy searching to find key information.

Follow Data Compliance

Quickly remediate sensitive, high risk and regulated data. Reduce staff effort by prioritizing key actions.

Achieve HR compliance

Organize and centralize employee data to securely manage multiple HR requests simultaneously.

Effectively retrieve information

Quickly locate personal information stored anywhere when dealing with grievances.

Auto-generate DSARs

Create case files and discover all information on the data subject whilst auto redacting sensitive information to respond to (DSARs) effectively.

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