Enterprise grade
data classification, discovery, and redaction
Control your complex and scaled data infrastructure on premise and in the cloud.

Security and customization at any scale

No two businesses are built the same. Data X-Ray is installed in your environment to bring together the data governance surety that we provide to all of our customers in a deployment that is specific to the applications and data storage infrastructure in your stack.


Connecting to the data you care about

With native support for over 20 different datasources and hundreds more through the API and Java SDK, the Data X-Ray can deal with data from an unstructured Windows file system to an on premise legacy SQL database.


Delivered in your environment

Your data is your lifeblood. With the Data X-Ray your data stays where it has always been. The Data X-Ray is deployable in a server of your choice on your own environment. No Internet access required.


Beautiful dashboard with API feeds to your governance stack

Classifying data according to your internal rules and policy requirements has never been easier. With one button click you can discover where your risk sits. If you have existing data governance tools, data catalogs, visualization tools, or DLP tools, you can integrate them easily through the API.

Where is your data?

Privacy regulation automation

Data discovery, classification, entity mapping, and auto-redaction

Classifying data according to regulatory rules and policy requirements has never been easier. With one button click you can discover where your risk sits throughout your data landscape, find out who that data is about, and auto-redact personal data from large unstructured data sets.

  • bullet Classify existing databases and services in seconds and continue to do so every day
  • bullet SRR response time changed from weeks and months to seconds and minutes
  • bullet Built in models for most privacy regimes to get you up and running in seconds

Are you protecting your data?

Auto-redaction for data science

Redacting unstructured data at scale

Preparing unstructured data for data science workflows while also maintaining compliance with data privacy regulations can take years away from your team. The Data X-Ray's auto-redaction tools allow you to accurately remove identifiable personal data from unstructured data sets at scale.

  • bullet Up to 99% accuracy in redaction of identifiable personal data
  • bullet Secure permissioned workflows to ensure data security throughout your data science pipeline
  • bullet Scales across milllions of documents