Control data across your enterprise and partners
You need enterprise grade tools for your organization.

Ohalo Enterprise delivers that.

Security and Customization
to fit your business needs

No two businesses are built the same. Ohalo Data X-Ray and Data Protection Router for enterprise brings together the data governance surety that we provide to all of our customers with features that make it easy to deploy within your environment.

Data X-Ray
Data X-Ray
Data X-Ray

Supporting the services and databases that you use

Even though we can support any data source through our API, we have out-of-the box support for most enterprise-class databases to get you up and running fast.

On premise and private cloud support for your data

Each company has its own requirements for data held on and off premise. The Ohalo Data X-Ray and Data Protection can be deployed to your strict specifications.

One dashboard to show your GDPR data exposure

Classifying data according to GDPR and internal policy requirements has never been easier. With one button click you can discover where your risk sits throughout your data landscape.

Data X-Ray for Enterprise

One simple dashboard for viewing data risk exposure across your enterprise

In seconds you can automate metadata record keeping for data governance and GDPR so that you can show auditors and regulators how you are performing over time.

  • Built in connectors to integrate to existing databases and services in seconds
  • Beautiful UI or connection to your existing Business Intelligence systems through our API
  • Retrain the data classification ML algorithm to your own specification

Data Protection Router

Secure Multi-Enterprise Data Lineage

Data lineage in a single organization is hard enough. But what if you have to manage data across multiple organizations that you work with for security or compliance reasons? That is now the reality under GDPR Article 30. We help you manage a record of where data is going whether that is inside or outside your enterprise.

  • Secure and non-reputable record of data lineage using a blockchain implementation
  • No need to set up a central server through use of peer to peer blockchain technology
  • Integrates through the same connectors as Data X-Ray or through our API