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The Data X-Ray Discovers Data Risk

GDPR requires identification of special classes of data. This is hard because modern companies are complex and rely on networks of hundreds of third party data processors as well as potentially hundreds of databases. This makes it difficult for data compliance professionals, risk officers, and data scientists to be aware of where data is or how to access it.

Ohalo’s Data X-Ray makes their job easy by automating scans of databases and cloud services to understand where sensitive data exists in their systems.

Automate Risk Discovery

Ensure data meets regulatory requirements

Ohalo's Data X-ray scans databases for sensitive data and allows staff to compare their data assets with regulations and policies to understand risk. We help you understand whether these assets are compliant with the most up to date regulations.

  • Uses a machine learning algorithm to understand the type of data that is sensitive to you
  • Flags sensitive data in multiple languages
  • Reporting through beautiful UI or our API into your native solutions
Scan Data Sources

Use with Existing Systems

Works immediately with your data sources

The Data X-Ray connects to databases (Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server) and cloud services (e.g., Google Drive, Box, etc.). We make it as easy as possible to get a view into what data exists on your systems to reduce risk for your company.

  • Easy deployment to file storage solutions via OAuth
  • Deploy on premise and connect to and scan database backups via a simple connection string
  • New integrations being added all the time