Intelligent search

Search across your structured and unstructured datasources and unlock new potential for your data.

Like Google for your enterprise, but tuned to you

The Data X-Ray is constantly crawling your data and generating automated insights about your data according to its machine learning algorithms. You can leverage this information with a Google-like search experience that lets you execute sophisticated search queries with ease and find data that is relevant to you.

Unstructured data metadata analysis

Leverage metadata across your file systems to enable sophisticated searches bound by datasource, modified date, language type, data content types, and more.

Unstructured data content analysis

The Data X-Ray's content extraction allows you to get access to your data in a universally searchable format no matter if it is a PDF, a Microsoft Office doc, emails, or more esoteric formats like Word Perfect.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Optional OCR allows you to search through scanned documents and search for non-machine readable content.

How to get started

Understand your options from quick and simple no-integration cloud to fully self-managed on premise petabyte-scale deployments.