Redaction for data analytics

Redact sensitive data from your unstructured data at scale.

Privacy-preserving data science and analytics

With scaled datasets manual desensitization of documents is not even possible. The Data X-Ray moves you from a world of manual highlighting to one where you can desensitize data at 100,000s of words per second in a click of a button. The Data X-Ray enables ongoing privacy-preserving data science by deploying your desensitization algorithms across your team and enterprise with ease.


Ingest any normal type of file or database column as your raw dataset.

Customized ML redaction algorithms

The out-of-the-box accuracy rate is around 92% and with supervision can quickly approach 99% accuracy on homogeneous datasets.

Redaction reports

Redaction exports include statistical reports of what was redacted and why for supervised redaction.

Multiple redaction options

In addition to basic ML algorithms, regular expressions, and dictionaries, you can also use our redaction filters if you want to achieve very high recall on sensitive data types.

Export options

Export raw files as well as text versions of the files for further processing downstream.

How to get started

Understand your options from quick and simple no-integration cloud to fully self-managed on premise petabyte-scale deployments.