Simplify File Retention with Data X-Ray

We understand how challenging it can be to manage file retention, especially when you're dealing with the constant influx of unstructured data. But that's where Data X-Ray comes in. It helps you tackle the overload, ultimately reducing data storage costs and ensuring compliance.

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  • Scan all files, records, and data archives
  • Analyze metadata to gain context
  • Classify records at petabytes scale
  • Categorize files for retention or deletion
  • Remediate or redact sensitive information
  • Free up expensive storage space
  • Avoid noncompliance and fines
  • Monitor and evaluates generative AI

Automate file discovery, classification, monitoring, and remediation to empower your teams


Finding unstructured data from various sources like emails, documents, images, and videos can be overwhelming. Data X-Ray simplifies this by locating your unstructured data in minutes.


Using advanced machine learning, Data X-Ray categorizes records based on sensitivity, age, and usage, helping you effectively manage your data.


Regardless of data volume, Data X-Ray tracks file activity throughout your data landscape, examining data access and utilization to ensure data security and compliance.


Going beyond classification, our platform redacts sensitive information from files, improving your data security, and streamlining data management.

We understand the critical importance of effectively managing and organizing various data files and records within a business. That's why we offer a practical solution tailored to your specific needs, whether it's business record retention, employee records retention, or financial record retention.

Our solution, Data X-Ray, can seamlessly integrate into your existing environment to manage all records in alignment with your record retention policy. Regardless of the data retention software or document retention software you currently use, Data X-Ray can connect to it effortlessly, enabling easy discovery and organization of all your files.

With Data X-Ray, you can not only ensure that your data adheres to your file retention policy and remains compliant with legal and regulatory requirements but also optimize your data storage space. Often referred to as a record retention software or a data retention tool, Data X-Ray helps you gain insights into all your files across on-premise and multi-cloud environments. It empowers your teams to effortlessly locate, organize, and securely store records.

Contact us now to discover how Data X-Ray can optimize your unstructured data record retention, enabling efficient records management while ensuring compliance with data retention policies.

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