Enterprise Data Governance Tool

Managing unstructured data can be a daunting challenge. The complexity of ensuring data quality, security, and compliance with ever-evolving regulations can be overwhelming. That's where Data X-Ray, our powerful Enterprise Data Governance Software, steps in.

With Data X-Ray, you can:

  • Examine all data sources: Get a holistic view of your data landscape, no matter where your data resides.
  • Classify files by sensitivity: Easily identify and label sensitive data with precision.
  • Maintain data quality: Ensure the integrity and accuracy of your data.
  • Streamline records management: Simplify the management of your data records.
  • Enhance privacy compliance: Stay compliant with data privacy regulations.
  • Strengthen data security: Fortify your data against threats.
  • Plan for data carve-outs and migrations: Seamlessly manage data transitions.
Leverage AI-Powered Services

Structure Your Unstructured Data. Modernize Data Governance.

Make data accessible, usable, and fully compliant with regulatory requirements.


Our advanced scanning capabilities can analyze 100,000s of words per second, providing comprehensive visibility into all your files, whether they're on-premises or in the cloud. Data X-Ray seamlessly integrates with numerous platforms, ensuring no data source goes unnoticed.


With an impressive 99% accuracy rate, Data X-Ray applies intelligent labels to files, regardless of their format, to pinpoint sensitive data with minimal false positives.


Take charge of user access, file retention, and remediation procedures. Scale your data governance processes on-demand, ensuring that your data remains secure and compliant.

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Track Data Governance Metrics and KPIs

We understand that measuring the effectiveness of your data governance program is crucial. With Data X-Ray, you can continuously assess your data governance program's performance, from accessibility and quality to compliance and security, ensuring alignment with you data governance policies.

Implement Governance in Cloud Computing

As your organization increasingly relies on cloud computing platforms for data storage and processing, the need to address the complexities of identifying, classifying, protecting, and ensuring regulatory compliance for unstructured data in the cloud becomes paramount. With Data X-Ray, you gain the key to seamless data governance in the cloud. It empowers you to practice responsible and ethical data usage, ensuring that your cloud-based data is secure and compliant.

Secure Your Data

Safeguarding your data while ensuring compliance with regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA has never been easier. Data X-Ray caters to a diverse range of customers, including those in Fintech and healthcare sectors, helping them gain a comprehensive understanding of their unstructured data files, regardless of where they are stored.

Harnessing the power of ML and NLP, Data X-Ray provides robust support for data governance across popular platforms like Salesforce, OneDrive, Gmail, SharePoint, Box, and Office365. With Data X-Ray by your side, you can experience peace of mind, knowing that your data is not only compliant but also secure, and you're leveraging the potential of cutting-edge automation.

Explore an Unstructured Data Governance Solution

Join the ranks of organizations that have unlocked the true potential of their unstructured data with Data X-Ray. Contact us today to schedule a meeting and take the first step towards a more secure, compliant, and efficient data governance journey.

Advanced AI

Harness the power of ML and NLP for intelligent data management.

Cloud Integration

Seamlessly manage data in both on-premises and cloud environments.

Compliance Confidence

Stay compliant with evolving data regulations.

Effortless Data Management

Simplify data governance with automated processes.

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