Unstructured Data Matters More Than You Think

Leverage an Unstructured Data Analysis and Monitoring System like Data X-Ray to locate data across your landscape, categorizing files based on metadata such as sensitivity, age, and relevance. Utilize Data X-Ray's insights to proactively align data retention with file retention policies and ensure compliance with data retention regulations.

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Don't let anything stop you from enhancing your data retention strategy for unstructured data

Cost: Data X-Ray's pricing model is designed to fit any organization, whether you have 100 employees or 100,000, and regardless of your data environment's complexity. We have flexible plans tailored to your specific needs.

Risk: Data loss, compliance violations, and legal liability are legitimate concerns with unstructured data. Data X-Ray significantly reduces this risk through automated data discovery, classification, and remediation processes.

Complexity: Data X-Ray addresses the complexities of unstructured data governance with natural language processing and an intuitive, user-friendly interface that streamlines data management, even with diverse data formats.

Compliance: Your data security cannot compromise on compliance. Rest assured, Data X-Ray is ISO 27001 Certified and trusted by some of the most secure government and large enterprises globally.

Explore Data X-Ray to find, categorize, and align data retention with policies for compliance.

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