IDENTIFY your data
Data intelligence to find all your data, understand its context, and discover where it is stored.
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Data intelligence to identify what data you have and where it resides has never been more important in a world where business needs meet regulatory requirements. Making decisions based on your data in seconds instead of days and weeks has never been more important. Scaling across your data landscape, the Data X-Ray delivers for your most mission-critical needs.

GDPR and CCPA data mapping and discovery

Understand personal data in your multi-datasource data landscape

Data privacy regulations require understanding where your data is and how it is managed. Manually searching and documenting where data is stored is a time-consuming laborious process that is outdated the minute someone in your organization saves or updates a file or database record.

The Data X-Ray automatically keeps track of where your data is stored and understands the context of that data for privacy regulations.

  • Automated tracking of data in unstructured and structured data stores
  • Customized models to define personal data in your organizational context
  • Tagging displayed in reports and consumable by third party tools through API integrations
  • Contracts search

    Understand counterparties and clauses in contracts

    Contracts are often stored in disorganized folders on multiple network drives and contracts search teams have little idea of who the contracts are with or whether they are even active.

    The Data X-Ray transforms weeks-long contract search processes into minutes with a "Google-like" search capability. The Data X-Ray automatically keeps track of the data that your contracts team cares about like counterparties, dates, and key clause types. This is all indexed and searchable in seconds so that you can pull back the contracts that matter to the particular case at hand and get to the analytics that drives value for your organization.

  • Search in seconds
  • Search key information like dates, counterparties, and clauses
  • Works with scanned and machine readable documents in multiple formats
  • Subject rights requests (SRRs)

    Identify important data about your customers and employees in seconds

    Searching across your organization's datasources for personal data relevant to a particular data subject can take weeks or sometimes even months.

    The Data X-Ray keeps a constant and consistent index of people, organizations, dates, and more constantly up to date. This empowers you to search across multiple datasource repositories simultaneously in seconds, pulling back only the data that you need for a subject access or deletion request with a minimum of false positives.

  • Entity search for individual's data
  • Simultaneous multi-datasource search
  • Minimum of false positives