Building order of data chaos
At Ohalo we build tools for data security and legal teams to govern data better.
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About Ohalo

Ohalo was founded by a group of data professionals from the financial services industries. We know how data is managed within some of the largest and most secure companies in the world.

We are saving companies millions of dollars a year in data monitoring and cutting data regulation fine risk by magnitudes.

Ohalo's goal is to make data aware of what regulations apply to it. This allows our customers to ensure that the correct data controls are implemented no matter whether data is within their own organization or at third party partners.

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    44 Great Marlborough Street
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    440 N. Wolfe Road
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Phone: +44 20 8133 7236 / +1 415 800 2913

Our Team

Making Ohalo tick.

Kyle DuPont

Kyle is the CEO/Founder of Ohalo. Ohalo is his second company in the compliance space. Before making the jump to building companies, he was fortunate to work in many areas of finance at companies such as MUFJ Morgan Stanley.

Victor Cook

Victor, CTO of Ohalo, has been a senior tech leader for over 20 years. He has led development of disruptive financial products including implementing blockchain systems and data governance products in the finance and healthcare information technology space. He has founded two companies that achieved successful exits.

Alistair Jones

Alistair is Ohalo’s Engineering Lead, Alistair brings experience from academia including building distributed network applications, blockchain smart contracts in Solidity, and visual analytics. He went to Georgia Tech where he and Kyle first met and holds a Masters and Doctorate degree.

Rhomaios Ram

Rhom is Advisor to Ohalo and an experienced executive. He comes from a 22 year career at Deutsche Bank where he was a Managing Director responsible for the development of technology-led financial services products first in forex markets and then as the head of the Transaction Bank and the co-founder of the Digital Bank initiative.

Andreas Olofsson

Andreas is the Blockchain lead at Ohalo and an experienced smart contract developer and an expert in blockchain systems. He has worked closely with the developers of core software technologies for Ethereum/Solidity.

David Galbraith

David is a designer and serial entrepreneur with over 20 years Internet experience in London, San Francisco & New York. He led the project which became Yelp and was co-founder of two companies with successful exits.

Greg Dowling

Greg is an expert technologist. He has previously held senior roles at some of the largest banks and financial institutions including HSBC, Barclays, Credit Suisse, and RBS. He holds a Masters in Physics from Oxford University.

Ed Goold

Ed is Ohalo’s Counsel and COO. Before he made the switch into tech Ed spent several years practising regulatory law at UK City firms and the Treasury. Ed also recently completed an intensive software development education and brings full-stack development skills to the team.

Pavlos Touboulidis

Pav is a Senior Engineer at Ohalo. Pav and Victor have been working together for years and have designed and built apps in the health and financial services sectors. He has over 20 years experience as an engineer and is an expert in React, C#, and PostgreSQL technologies.