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You can use our solution, Data X-Ray to retain files based on your record retention policies. Reduce storage costs and ensure compliance.

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Data X-Ray to Automate File Retention and Deletion
Create a Data Retention Program

Deploy Data X-Ray to Automate File Retention and Deletion

  • Scan all files, records and computer archives
  • Analyze metadata and gain context
  • Classify petabyte scale of records quickly
  • Decide on what files to retain, remove, or redact
  • Free up expensive storage space
  • Avoid incurring fines or fees from noncompliance
  • Monitor and evaluate generative AI

Contact us today to learn about our automated data discovery platform and unstructured record retention software for efficient records management and compliance with data retention policies.

AI-Powered Unstructured Data Retention Software

Modern approach to records retention management

Business Records Retention

Business Records Retention

Use Data X-Ray as a data retention solution, distinguishing which data to keep or remove.

Maintain Data Quality

Maintain Data Quality

Efficiently find and remove outdated or duplicate records and ensure and sustain data quality.

Reduce Storage Costs with Data X-Ray

Reduce Storage Costs

Optimize storage by removing unnecessary files. Reduce costs and maximize resource allocation.

Map unstructured data

Rapid Data Retrieval

Utilize document retention software to organize records and eliminate the hassle of sifting through data clutter.

Records and Retention Management - Adhere

Ensure Data Compliance

Streamline file retention policy decisions, ensuring compliance and preventing costly fines and legal complications.

Data Redaction with Data X-Ray

Data Usage Control

Employ a data retention tool to conduct regular checks, track changes, and maintain an audit trail.

unstructured data catalog

Employee Records Retention

Efficiently find and manage employee data, prevent information loss, and enforce business records retention.

unstructured data analysis

Data Retention Policy

Deploy Data X-Ray for effective record retention policy enforcement and streamlined data management.

Generative AI analysis

Manage Generative AI

Power automated unstructured data discovery, classification, and metadata ingestion for Generative AI at petabyte scale.

We understand how crucial it is to effectively maintain and organize various data files and records within a business. That's why we offer a practical solution tailored to your specific needs, whether it's business record retention, employee records retention, or financial record retention.

Our solution, Data X-Ray can be deployed into your existing environment to manage all records in alignment with your record retention policy. Regardless of the data retention software or document retention software you currently use, Data X-Ray can seamlessly connect to it, allowing for easy discovery and organization of all your files.

With Data X-Ray, not only can you ensure that your data adheres to your file retention policy and remains compliant with legal and regulatory requirements, but you can also optimize your data storage space. Often called as a record retention software or a data retention tool, Data X-Ray helps you understand all your files across on-premise and multi-cloud environments. It empowers your teams to effortlessly locate, organize, and securely store records.

Don't wait any longer! Take advantage of our industry-leading data retention solution and experience the convenience and peace of mind it brings to your record retention practices.

Data X Ray for financial record retention

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