Minimize Your Data to Reduce Risk

Data X-Ray allows you to understand all files across your data corpus, remove unnecessary files and retain only the data you truly need. Our customers use Data X-Ray to enhance their data retrieval processes, minimize compliance overhead and reduce storage costs.


Our Customers

Data X-Ray platform trusted by Home Office.
Health and Safety Executive trusts Ohalo's Data X-Ray platform.
Data X-Ray trusted by HomeServe
Veolia uses Ohalo's Data X-Ray platform.
Costain chooses Data X-Ray.

Unstructured data reduction and analysis

Security, Privacy and Compliance officers can use Data X-Ray to:

  • Analyze all files and archives
  • Label and organize records
  • Understand risk
  • Find duplicate files
  • Remove unwanted data
  • Lessen regulatory compliance burden

Contact us today to learn more about our automated data discovery platform, designed to streamline unstructured data storage and minimize attack surface.

Why Data X-Ray?

Modern approach to data minimization

Build Data Inventory

Know what types of information you have, where they are stored, and what files may contain personal information.

Retain Information Needed

Examine all your data sources. Store only necessary files and reduce the potential for unwanted exposure, theft, and loss.

Reduce Data Storage Costs

Address data growth by regularly scanning and managing non-essential data, creating storage space for critical business information.

Maintain Audit Trail

Conduct routine scans to identify all the files you have, track any changes made to the data, and document them for future reference.

Make Data Easy to Retrieve

Reduce data debris. Find and classify files based on sensitivity and metadata, and make it easy to find and process.

Maintain Data Compliance

Identify, delete, and retain data that is essential for delivering relevant products and services while adhering to compliance standards such as GDPR, HIPAA, and CCPA.

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