Case Study

Suncor Energy: Empowering Enterprise-Wide Data Classification

Suncor Energy, one of the largest enterprises in the world, faced the challenge of enhancing data governance, fortifying security, and safeguarding privacy within its extensive data landscape. While they opted for Collibra to provide a state-of-the-art data catalog, they initially had to assess the risk associated with over 110 million unstructured files stored in OpenText Livelink.

The seamless integration of Collibra Data Catalog and Data X-Ray offered a comprehensive data governance solution, enabling Suncor to discover, classify, and effectively manage their data assets at scale. Suncor Energy harnessed the capabilities of Data X-Ray to establish an enterprise-wide metadata framework, delivering increased visibility and access control. With Data X-Ray, Suncor Energy accomplished the following:

  • Automated the discovery and classification of data within OpenText Livelink

  • Expedited the ingestion of unstructured data into the Collibra Data Catalog

  • Elevated data warehouse security

Benefits of using Data X-Ray

  • Speed and scalability: Scan and classify hundreds of millions of files in a matter of days

  • Breadth of data connectors: Connects to a wide range of data sources, including Windows file servers, Office 365 accounts, legacy systems, and cloud storage.

  • Support for custom legacy systems: Data X-Ray can be customized to support legacy systems with unique data formats.

  • Machine learning algorithms for uncommon data types: Data X-Ray uses machine learning algorithms to identify sensitive data assets, even if they are in unstructured formats.

Download the case study to learn more about how Data X-Ray can help your organization to improve its data governance, security, and privacy.
Case Study of Suncor, an energy company chooses Ohalo


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