Case Study

Better Safety Outcomes For The Construction Industry

Wood Group, a prominent engineering firm, faced a complex challenge in the construction industry. They needed to identify safety incident patterns across organizations to gain a deeper understanding of accidents. However, a significant hurdle was the presence of sensitive data in nearly one million safety records, making manual desensitization a time-consuming process.

To address this challenge, Wood Group turned to Data X-Ray, which efficiently desensitized 800,000 safety records by:

  • Identifying sensitive data within large, unstructured datasets.

  • Annotating this data with sensitive tags according to a custom redaction policy.

  • Automatically removing this sensitive data from the datasets.

By leveraging Data X-Ray, Wood Group can now share their safety data with other organizations without compromising privacy. This data sharing will play a pivotal role in improving safety outcomes for the entire construction industry.

Benefits of using Data X-Ray:

Within three months of implementing Data X-Ray, Wood Group successfully automated the discovery and classification of data within their records. They anticipate substantial savings over time, thanks to:

  • A broader unstructured data framework

  • Operational efficiency gains

  • Automated disposition of millions of files

  • Reduced storage requirements

  • Streamlined privacy processes

  • Savings on software licenses

Download the case study to learn more about how Data X-Ray can help your organization to improve its data governance, security, and privacy.
Case Study of Wood Group


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