Wood Group Partners with Ohalo to Deliver Better Safety Outcomes to the Construction Industry

Wood Group engaged Ohalo in the context of their project with the UK Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) Discovering Safety Programme (DSP).

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  • Date: 23/02/2021
  • Author: Kyle DuPont
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Bringing better safety outcomes to the construction industry to get workers home safely to their families

One of the top engineering firms in the world, Wood Group engaged Ohalo in the context of their project with the UK Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) Discovering Safety Programme (DSP). Wood Group is charged with collating hundreds of thousands of safety data records from seven construction firms. The goal of the project is to identify accident trends and thereby save lives, reduce ill-health/injuries, and ultimately get workers home safely to their families each day.

Unfortunately most safety records have sensitive and personal data, which makes sharing of that data problematic. Across almost a million records, manual redaction of the data is infeasible, so Wood engaged Ohalo’s Data X-Ray to redact automatically at a manual-comparable accuracy rate–something that is simply not possible with other tools today.

From Wood’s side, the project is being led by the Digital & Technology team’s Jason Payne with support from Billy Archbold. After being introduced by the HSE’s Discovering Safety team lead, they were able to quickly come to a decision on using the Data X-Ray for this work since the Data X-Ray had already been used for a similar desensitisation project within DSP (and is now expanding beyond the initial use case at HSE to safety record search and intelligence gathering).

We’re eager to get to work modelling various safety records from contractors participating in the Safety Leading Indicators project of the Discovering Safety Programme (DSP). Ohalo’s Data X-Ray software allows participating contractors to easily and confidently redact any personal information from their safety records before submitting to the DSP.

Billy Archbold, Wood Group

This is a fantastic project to work on that really will help keep construction workers safer. I am incredibly pleased that we can provide the expertise and technology to enable an outcome that would have taken months to manually redact into hours and days.

Kyle DuPont, CEO, Ohalo

To find more information about the project please contact Kyle DuPont at [email protected]. You can also find out more about the Data X-Ray on our website and discover how the Data X-Ray desensitises and redacts sensitive information.

To find out more about the DSP please visit the Discovering Safety Programme website.

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