Collibra and Data X-Ray

The Easiest Way to Bring Automated Unstructured Data Intelligence to Collibra

  • Type: Information Hub
  • Date: 29/09/2022
  • Tags: Product Integration Guide

Experience the seamless integration of Collibra and Data X-Ray, simplifying automated unstructured data management. As a trusted silver partner of Collibra, Ohalo empowers you to effortlessly discover and classify unstructured data across various sources. With Data X-Ray, you can extend Collibra's reach to cover unstructured data, including file shares, email attachments, content management systems, cloud storage, and social media content.

Download the high-level guide to get up and running from an organisational and technical standpoint with the Collibra - Data X-Ray integration.

Benefits of the Collibra and Data X-Ray integration:

  1. Automated metadata ingestion into Collibra for streamlined data tracking and policy application.
  2. Enhanced synchronization of Data Catalog with physical data assets, making data more accessible to users.
  3. Robust data protection mechanisms ensuring the security of sensitive data.
  4. Efficient creation of data maps for compliance with data privacy regulations and Records of Processing Activities (ROPAs).
Classify unstructured data before ingesting it into Collibra Data Catalog.


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