Data X-Ray for Unstructured Data Migration

  • Type: Video
  • Date: 23/03/2023
  • Tags: Data Governance, Data Classification, Data minimisation

Curious to see the practical applications?

Take the first step towards seamless data migration. Book a meeting now to discuss your unstructured data carve-out strategy with our experts.

Experience how Data X-Ray facilitates a seamless data carve out for migration, ensuring a streamlined process during mergers and acquisitions. Witness how the platform simplifies data discovery, classification, and regulatory compliance, paving the way for efficient and secure data management.

  • Leverage advanced algorithms to detect sensitive information rapidly, enabling a robust audit trail and enhancing data governance throughout the migration process.
  • Schedule automated discovery processes seamlessly across multiple data environments, facilitating effortless integration with diverse data management tools for a smoother migration experience.
  • Prioritize risk mitigation with comprehensive reports, fortifying your data security posture and ensuring full compliance with regulatory standards during the migration process.

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