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The Key to Secure Cloud Data Migration

  • Type: Information Hub
  • Date: 19/09/2022
  • Tags: Data Migration, Data Governance, Data protection

Migrating your data to the cloud is a complex process, and security is one of the biggest challenges. With Data X-Ray, you can automate the classification of your data, identify sensitive data risk, and make informed decisions about how to migrate your data securely.

Data X-Ray automatically crawls your files, pushes them through a configurable pipeline, and automatically identifies PII, PHI, PCI, and many other regulations as well as rules that are unique to your company. It can do this at scale across millions of files so that you understand the data that you are dealing with and can make informed and audited decisions about how data should be migrated.

Download the Data X-Ray for cloud data migration guide today and find out how you can migrate your data with confidence.

Benefits of using Data X-Ray:

  • Reduce data breach risk: By understanding what data you have and only moving the data you need, you can minimize data that you are moving and focus on securing the crown jewel data that your business needs to operate.

  • Reduce operating costs: A pre-migration scan of your data to filter out data you do not require in the new system can save on usage-based tooling.

  • Maximize data value: Provision your data with powerful metadata that informs third party tooling to maximize the value of data in your new solutions.
Secure unstructured data in cloud migration.


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