Redefine your approach to unstructured data and DSAR

Unlock Efficient Data Governance with Collibra and Data X-Ray

  • Type: Information Hub
  • Date: 26/09/2022
  • Tags: Data Governance, Data Cataloging

Tackling the complexities of unstructured data and DSARs can feel like trying to navigate a maze blindfolded. Manual processes and scattered information can slow down your data governance and compliance efforts, leaving you vulnerable to risks and inefficiencies.

Supercharge your data governance journey with customized classification models and streamlined redaction workflows, all supported by the robust Collibra and Ohalo Data X-Ray integration. Gain unparalleled insights, automation, and scalability to fortify your data governance strategy while maintaining regulatory compliance.

Download the PDF now to know how Collibra Data Catalog and Data X-Ray can help you to automate and accelerate your data governance process.

Benefits of Data X-Ray and Collibra Integration:

  • Automated tracking of data in unstructured and structured data stores
  • Customized models for defining essential data within your organizational context
  • Efficient tagging for easy access and consumption by Collibra
  • Advanced entity search for streamlined retrieval of individual data
  • Quick simultaneous multi-datasource search with minimal false positive


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