Automated data redaction

Remediate Personal and Sensitive Information at Scale

  • Type: Information Hub
  • Date: 21/09/2022
  • Tags: Data protection, Data Governance, Data minimisation, Data Remediation, Data Redaction

Is your company struggling to manage the deluge of unstructured data? Concerned about the ever-looming threat of data breaches and privacy violations? If so, you're not alone. Unstructured data is expanding exponentially, posing significant challenges in terms of management and protection, particularly concerning personal and sensitive information.

The ordeal of redacting and desensitizing unstructured data stands as one of the most formidable obstacles. Manual redaction is both time-consuming and error-prone, often falling short of achieving human-level precision. Data X-Ray serves as the ultimate solution, automating the redaction and desensitization of data at an unprecedented scale. With Data X-Ray, you can seamlessly redact and desensitize your data in a matter of seconds, boasting accuracy rates of up to 99%.

Download the document to discover how Data X-Ray enables remediation of personal and sensitive information in unstructured data sources.

Benefits of using Data X-Ray:

  • Robust data ingestion: Effortlessly process a wide range of file types and database columns, making the data ingestion process seamless and efficient.
  • Unmatched speed: Redact data pipelines at an unparalleled speed, accelerating processes by up to 10,000 times compared to traditional methods.
  • Continuous privacy protection: Safeguard your data science efforts with evolving desensitization algorithms.
  • Cost-effective operations: Save significant time and resources, achieving a remarkable reduction from 12.5 person-years to just 1 machine day, ensuring 99% accuracy and substantial cost savings.
  • Customization options: Customize redaction methods, export preferences, and achieve precision on par with human accuracy, ensuring compliance with legal and privacy regulations.


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