Automated Data Mapping

See Your Unstructured Data Risk in a Flash

  • Type: Information Hub
  • Date: 20/09/2022
  • Tags: Data mapping, Data catalog, Data Governance, Data protection

The complexity of modern data estates often shrouds critical insights into your unstructured data, making its identification and classification an arduous challenge. With the automated data mapping feature of Data X-Ray, tracking and managing sensitive or business critical data across your entire network becomes a straightforward and effective process, enabling you to effectively evaluate and address potential data risks.

Uncover the hidden insights in your unstructured data. Download our document now to explore Data X-Ray's Automated Data Mapping functionality.

Benefits of using Data X-Ray:

  • Gain insights into the scope and locations of all data on-premises and in the cloud.
  • Categorize files based on its nature, content, and sensitivity.
  • Understand data risks and vulnerabilities within your data estate.
  • Improve the accessibility and usability of data.
  • Utilize mapped data for various purposes, such as data analytics, training machine learning models, and ensuring compliance with strict data privacy and security regulations.
Unstructured data mapping


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