A Panacea for Organizational Data Challenges

Even with over 111 data protection regulations and standards such as EU GDPR, CCPA/CPRA, and HIPAA, the news of companies being victimised by cyber-attacks comes almost daily. In this ‘data breach’ era, the best way for companies to prepare themselves is to become increasingly shrewd in terms of protecting their data and reputation.

To be able to tackle such situations, laying a sound data governance foundation is key. It includes data quality, data management, data architecture, data policies and procedures. But where do you start? By ensuring your data is accurate, correct and complete.

Here is where Ohalo comes in. Ohalo helps leading organisations across the globe with:

  • Real-time data search, classification, and auto-redaction,
  • Defining policies and procedures (i.e., who has control, access, authority and decision rights over data),
  • Addressing critical gaps in data intelligence, and
  • Identifying new strategic and transformational opportunities

Data governance as the modern-day alchemy

Supporting businesses to implement purpose-driven strategies to validate data, Ohalo is building trust and improving analysis to yield better business decisions and results.

At Ohalo, you will work with leaders. The ones who dare to ask further questions, tread on unknown paths - look at unstructured data, experiment and exercise new methods to drive business innovation and solve complex problems that allow your company to excel with insight.

If you’ve been looking for someone to treat your data like their most prized possession, you’ve reached the right place. With Ohalo’s expertise, you’ll be able to implement a solid data governance framework.

It’s time to feel confident about your data - you won’t necessarily be able to avoid a hack, but you can make it difficult for hackers so that they spend their efforts elsewhere.

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About Ohalo

Ohalo builds tools to automate data security and privacy. The Data X-Ray automatically classifies and scans unstructured and structured datasources for sensitive data, allowing organisations to fulfill their privacy and data protection goals at scale. Schedule a demo today.

Image courtesy of Jack Moreh