Embrace Coexistence in Data Management

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  • Date: 28/01/2024
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In the ever-evolving world of data management, the race isn't always about replacing the old with the new. It's about harmony between the established and the emerging. As businesses navigate through an ocean of data, the challenge lies not just in managing its sheer volume or complexity, but in doing so without disrupting the rhythm of existing systems.

In this blog, we're not talking about an overthrow of your current data management practices. Instead, we're delving into the art of seamless integration - how our solution is designed to interlace with your existing framework, enhancing its capabilities and filling in the gaps, all while ensuring that the core of your data ecosystem remains undisturbed.

Connect to Data Beyond Rows and Columns

Having set the stage for a harmonious integration of new solutions with existing systems, it's crucial to narrow our focus to a specific yet expansive realm of data management - the unstructured data. This encompasses a wide array of file types, including email archives and messaging tools, which often form the bulk of enterprise data yet remain largely underutilized or improperly managed.

Managing unstructured data can be simplified without the need to dismantle the systems you already trust.

A Tool Which Brings Minimal Disruption to Existing Systems

Our solution, Data X-Ray is engineered to integrate with current data ecosystems without causing significant disruption. This means it can integrate with a multitude of data stores and applications, both in the cloud and on-premises, comprehensively covering the data landscape of your enterprise.

Data X-Ray distinguishes itself with its user-friendly interface and ease of implementation. The platform can be swiftly deployed within hours, minimizing operational downtime. The quick and effective training provided by the Ohalo Team ensures that users can quickly become proficient, streamlining the adoption process.

Seamless Integration with IT Infrastructure:

Data X-Ray offers native connectors to most major data sources right out of the box. This extensive range of connectors ensures that whatever your current system setup, Data X-Ray can integrate smoothly and efficiently.

For those instances where a specific connector isn't currently available, Data X-Ray provides an API and Java SDK. These tools enable custom upstream and downstream integrations, offering the flexibility to tailor the solution to specific enterprise requirements.

Responsive Integration Based on Client Demand:

Understanding that every enterprise has unique needs, Data X-Ray's development prioritizes client demand. This responsiveness means new connectors can be developed and deployed swiftly, often within a matter of days. This agility ensures that as your data management needs evolve, Data X-Ray evolves with you.

The integration capabilities of Data X-Ray are not just about plugging into existing systems. They represent a thoughtful, client-responsive approach, ensuring that the tool not only fits into your current data management landscape but also enhances and evolves with it. This level of integration speaks to a commitment to client-centric development and seamless adaptability.

Enhance Your Data Management and Governance Strategy

Automated Data Discovery

Data X-Ray's unstructured data discovery feature is a powerhouse in identifying and illuminating unknown or ‘dark data’ data across multiple repositories. Imagine scanning extensive volumes of data spread across various platforms, uncovering insights in seconds.

The precision, speed and scalability of Data X-Ray’s discovery feature substantially reduces the time and effort traditionally required to locate sensitive files under various compliance mandates like PII, CCPA, or GDPR. This efficiency in discovery is not merely about locating data but more about revealing data assets that might be at risk. By bringing these elements to the fore, Data X-Ray facilitates enhanced management and control, making the daunting task of handling unstructured data sprawl both manageable and efficient.

Smart Data Classification

Data X-Ray goes beyond just locating data to intelligently categorizing it. Its classification feature is driven by ML and NLP, offering a range of tools such as annotators, regular expressions, dictionaries and large language models - tapping into the power of AI to understand context and relationships within data, enabling sophisticated classification. The real charm lies in its adaptability; you can create your own classifiers tailored to your specific business needs, ensuring that your data is not just categorized but also aligned with your operational objectives.

Most importantly, Data X-Ray’s classification isn’t just about organizing data; it sets the stage for proactive data management. By labeling data based on its sensitivity and business context, it allows for tailored access controls and modification boundaries, making it an essential tool in mitigating risk and enhancing data governance. This feature acts as a natural progression from discovery to protection, ensuring that once data is discovered, it is also safeguarded and managed effectively.

File Activity Monitoring

The File Activity Monitoring (FAM) feature effectively detects and logs various file events, such as updates or accesses, capturing details about the operations and the users involved. What sets Data X-Ray apart is its ability to enrich this information with file sensitivity, utilizing its own labeling system. This enriched log can be integrated with systems like Imperva DSF for trend analysis and alert creation, and can also be used by SIEMs.

Further enhancing its utility, Data X-Ray provides a unified, human-readable audit trail that serves as a comprehensive record for all data security inquiries. It answers crucial questions about account ownership, device and data usage, user activity patterns, and access locations.

A Customer Success Story

Achieve Transparency In Internal Governance And External Compliance

  • Feed your Data Catalogs and Enhance Data Security
    Data X-Ray prepares various file types, including documents and emails, for in-depth analysis. By capturing metadata, Data X-Ray unveils the full context and relevance of each file, directly feeding and elevating the functionality of your data catalogs.

    The integration of accurately labeled data not only enhances the user experience but also provides a rich metadata layer. This layer proves invaluable for storage administrators, data stewards, and data scientists who seek to manage, classify, and extract profound insights from extensive datasets.

  • Streamlining Compliance and Risk Management
    In an era where data breaches are costly and regulations like GDPR and CPRA (California Privacy Rights Act) are in full force, Data X-Ray offers a much-needed solution. It aids in the discovery, classification, and monitoring of your unstructured files, helping you maintain compliance and manage risks effectively - taking remediation actions, setting precise access controls and retention policies.

  • Sensitive Data Redaction On-Demand
    Data X-Ray's sensitive data redaction capability is a standout feature. This on-demand functionality is specifically designed to identify and redact any sensitive information contained within files, a process crucial for maintaining data integrity.

Today, where data is frequently shared across departments and even with external stakeholders, the risk of sensitive information being inadvertently exposed is high. Data X-Ray addresses this risk by ensuring that any confidential or private data is redacted before the files are accessed or shared. This not only safeguards the information from potential breaches but also reinforces the trust and confidence within the organization and with its clients.

Secure the Future of Data Management and Governance with Data X-Ray

At Ohalo, we understand the dynamic nature of data governance and are committed to the continuous development of our platform. Data X-Ray, with its adaptable framework, is designed to evolve alongside emerging data types and shifting compliance requirements. This adaptability is not just a feature—it's a core aspect of our offering, ensuring that Data X-Ray remains a relevant and powerful tool for managing your unstructured data estate.

A significant advantage of Data X-Ray lies in its customization capabilities and scalable nature. We recognize that each business has unique needs and challenges. Data X-Ray is engineered to be tailored to meet these specific requirements, providing a personalized approach. Its modular nature makes it scalable, allowing the platform to grow seamlessly with your organization. Whether you're expanding your data infrastructure or diversifying data types, Data X-Ray is equipped to adapt and scale accordingly.

By providing a reliable and efficient means to manage not only unstructured data but also sensitive data, Data X-Ray empowers organizations to harness the full potential of their data assets while upholding the heightened standards of data privacy and security.

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Data X-Ray is not just a product; it's a commitment to future-proofing your data management and ensuring your organization's agility and compliance in the digital age.

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