Ohalo, Collibra Join Forces for Unstructured Data Discovery and Cataloging

Why Collibra?

Why has Ohalo partnered with Collibra?

  • An advanced platform for data governance and data cataloging
  • Focused on making business insights and data intelligence easily accessible to all data citizens
  • Provides the context, automation, and scale needed to quickly ingest and maintain their data governance programs
  • Looking to extend its data catalog services to support unstructured data

Ohalo, A Trusted Collibra Silver Partner

“Together as leaders, we plan to broaden and simplify access to vulnerable data present across petabytes of unknown, unregulated, unstructured data sources,” said Kyle DuPont, CEO, Ohalo.

Ohalo’s proprietary tool, Data X-Ray is powered by machine learning and NLP, and is available on the Collibra Marketplace). It enables data owners to reduce the time and effort to populate Collibra’s Data Catalog and automatically propagates business glossary terms, data asset descriptions and hierarchies defined within Collibra.

Data X-Ray is driven by deep data science capabilities. It can scan 100s of different file types (regardless of the file location and format), build metadata about those files and ingest that metadata into Collibra. It can also export desensitized versions of those files and configure redaction pipelines to remove vulnerable data at scale.

​How can Data X-Ray be deployed with Collibra?

Data X-Ray is compatible with Collibra Cloud and Collibra 5.7.5 and newer versions. It can be deployed in two ways:

  • A cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution maintained by us.
  • An on-premises or cloud deployment where you install Data X-Ray and use it internally.

​How can enterprises take advantage of this partnership? ​

  • Automate data governance and ongoing discovery
  • Enhance level of classification for accuracy and consistency
  • Protect unstructured data across the enterprise
  • Minimize data and meet data privacy requirements
  • Centrally manage records and automatically enforce retention policy

1. Automate data governance and ongoing discovery

Companies can automate data discovery across all their unstructured data sources using Data X-Ray, populate a Collibra Data Catalog and link it to physical data assets immediately. They can further capture metadata to implement records and data retention policies and data access, protection and governance. Proactive monitoring and auto-labeling to continuously identify new information on sensitive data findings and vulnerabilities.

In addition to helping organizations find and catalog sensitive data like personally identifiable information. Data X-Ray automatically maps business categories to ML-driven sensitive information at petabyte scales.

“Using Data X-Ray and Collibra Data Catalog, you can build a virtual index of all your structured and unstructured data stored - a centralized view of data. One can map the data by type and subject, empowering data governance professionals to accurately analyze their core data assets and comply with ongoing governance and compliance issues,” said Kyle DuPont, CEO, Ohalo.

2. Enhance level of classification for accuracy and consistency

After discovering unstructured data and filling in the metadata gaps, the next step is to organize that data. Doing this manually can cause bottlenecks; errors due to inattention, omission and time constraints.

Data X-Ray and Collibra Data Catalog simplifies this complex process. They employ machine learning and NLP capabilities to classify direct identifiers and sensitive data across an enterprise with higher accuracy and improved quality.

“Through this partnership, companies can expand their view of sensitive data and personal information. Build an in-depth, accurate and up-to-date business glossary that captures the relationship between entities and provides consistency between business content and technical data,” said Kyle DuPont, CEO, Ohalo. “Also we’ve seen that the active metadata generated from Data X-Ray’s continuous discovery and analysis undoubtedly enriches the Collibra Data Catalog - improving communication and collaboration between various teams.”

3. Protect your unstructured data across the enterprise

Ohalo’s mission is to create order out of data chaos. Whether it is data stored on emails, file shares or cloud platforms, we’re solving the unstructured data challenge. To further our mission, we integrated Data X-Ray with Collibra Data Catalog to incorporate a consistent, repeatable method to discover, classify and protect an organization’s unstructured data sources. Data admins can search for personal data relevant to a particular data subject and proactively manage privacy risk within data governance workflows.

“The volume of unstructured data within enterprises is increasing exponentially, which is why it’s so important to make sure you know where these very sensitive elements exist and what kind of data they contain,” added Kyle. “Data X-Ray’s ability to discover unknown data and fuel a constant, consistent data index provides the much-needed visibility that makes it easier to respond to subject access or deletion requests.”

4. Minimize data and meet data privacy requirements

The need of the hour is a highly focused, end-to-end lifecycle approach to data privacy and protection. Data X-Ray with Collibra Data Catalog acts as a centralized tool that will help organizations reduce risk in this digital era with stringent data protection regulations and emerging cyber-threats. It will support data governance professionals to establish lawful, fair, and transparent data processing practices throughout the entire data lifecycle.

5. Centrally manage records and make retention of records simple

Accessing one central cloud resource, privacy professionals can automate tracking of data in unstructured and structured data stores, create custom schedules for retention and deletion of records and remove uncertainties out of admin and compliance. They can tag and assign retention criteria dynamically via the Collibra Data Catalog and bring solid data governance around their projects.

“We’ve made it easy for professionals to scan multiple data sources in tandem in seconds, and draw only the data that is needed for a subject access or deletion request with a minimum of false positives,” said Kyle DuPont, CEO, Ohalo.

If you’d like to know more or see how Collibra and Data X-Ray work together, schedule a demo with our experts. ​

About Ohalo

Ohalo builds tools to automate data security and privacy. The Data X-Ray automatically classifies and scans unstructured and structured datasources for sensitive data, allowing organisations to fulfill their privacy and data protection goals at scale. Schedule a demo today.

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