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Your first step to GDPR compliance


Appropriate for businesses with
<10 staff

  • Scan entire databases or cloud services like Google Drive and Box
  • Beautiful reporting
  • Show regulators and auditors your data management performance over time
  • New integrations all the time
  • Integrate with your cloud services (AWS, Google Drive, Google Cloud, Box, and more)


Appropriate for businesses with
11-250 staff

  • Everything in Startup
  • Many more scans to enable more frequent scanning
  • Technical support for making VPC connections to databases in private cloud instances
  • Priority for new data connectors
  • Priority support

Customized plans available upon request.

Customized data governance for your organization

Data X-Ray Enterprise

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For large corporations with 100s of employees and data sources and special security and networking requirements

  • Integrate cloud services plus Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, MongoDB, Windows File Systems, HDFS, and more in seconds
  • Dedicated servers
  • Access to API for integration into own data visualization and DLP systems
  • Customized networking and security
  • Run on premise and in VPCs
  • Scan legacy systems
  • Up and running in as little as 10 minutes
  • Unlimited scans
  • Scale to tens of thousands of data sources

Multi-enterprise data lineage for GDPR

Data Protection Router

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Appropriate for larger corporations with 1,000s of databases or over 250 employees.

  • Track data lineage across multiple legal entities for compliance with GDPR Article 82
  • Easily meet GDPR requirements (Articles 13-17) around access, rectification, and the "right to be forgotten"
  • Dynamically monitor data processing activities for GDPR Article 30
  • Integrate in seconds with Data X-Ray
  • Run on premise and in VPCs
  • Up and running in as little as 10 minutes
  • Scale to tens of thousands of data sources